New Year 5k Giveaway! Win the Ultimate Boudoir Experience.


Enter to win the Ultimate Boudoir Experience valued at $5,000!

2020 may not have been your year, but that doesn’t mean 2021 can’t. We are kicking off the new year with something to jump-start your New Year’s resolution in self-love and care. There is no better time than today to start loving yourself and your body. A Boudoir session is not only a great gift to yourself, it is also an experiance that changes you forever. We want to give away a full day of pampering here at Black Lace Boudoir. Think of a relaxing makeover, getting to play dress up in the sexiest outfits, and having images to share or keep private near and dear to your heart!

Do you want to have a chance to win your very own ultimate boudoir experience?

Then let’s do this! Enter below!

One lucky lady will have the chance to win the Black Lace Boudoir All-Inclusive Experience at our NEW downtown studio in Fredericksburg!

5K Boudoir Giveaway


  1. JOIN OUR VIP GROUP (Once you have been approved)
  2. Create your own post here in this group sharing 1-3 images you took yourself. (have fun with it) OR it can be images from your session with Black Lace Boudoir.  No other photographer’s images are allowed.
  3. Then with your images write about something you have overcome in 2020/ OR you can share about an amazing experience you have had with Black Lace Boudoir.
  4. Follow us on Facebook
  5. Invite 5 female friends into the VIP Group that inspire you!
  6. To complete your entry please fill out the form below.

ALL STEPS ARE REQUIRED. If any steps are missing winner will be disqualified.



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